Pilot Resume

Jesse's Aviation Background

As a senior in high school, Jesse Kremer took his first flight in an aircraft and was hooked. During 1994-1995, Jesse received his private pilot flight instruction at the West Bend Municipal Airport.

Jesse attended the Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC) Aviation Program at the S.J. Spanbauer Center in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. During his freshmen year, Jesse received his commercial and instrument ratings with a first time pass. Jesse was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa and made the Dean's list for both semesters of study. During the school year, Jesse was employed as a line technician at Max Air, Inc. at the Appleton, Wisconsin Outagamie County Airport.Aviation Background

In June of 1997, Jesse graduated with a 3.95 grade point average and received a Associated Degree for Professional Pilot Training. Jesse received his multi-engine rating, CFI, CFII, and MEI certificates.   Following the CFI checkride, FAA Examiner Karen Krueger told Jesse that this was one of the best CFI checkrides she had ever examined. During Jesse's time at FVTC, he never failed a checkride.

Jesse was employed as a flight instructor at Timmerman Airport in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for Gran-Aire, Inc. Jesse left Gran-Aire for West Bend Air in 1998.

Jesse served as a flight instructor and eventually a Part 135 charter pilot for West Bend Air, Inc. Jesse accumulated over 1000 hours of flight instructor time.

In April of 2000, Jesse was hired by Midwest Airlines regional carrier, Skyway, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Jesse was employed as a B1900D first officer and passed his initial Part 121 training flawlessly. At the airline, Jesse gained considerable experience flying in the ever-changing weather environment of the Great Lakes region, invaluable passenger and customer interactions, and outstanding crew resource management techniques.

In August of 2001, at age 24, Jesse passed his captain checkride and first type rating for the B1900D. In October of 2001, Jesse was moved to first officer for six months following September 11. Jesse would, however, eventually fly over 3500 hours in a B1900D.

Flight Operations Specialist2002
Jesse joined the US Army National Guard and served overseas in Operation Iraqi Freedom until September 2003.

Jesse decided to transition to the Fairchild DO328 Jet. Jesse passed this type ride on the first attempt and would remain as captain on the 328 Jet until Skyway closed it's doors in 2008. Jesse flew over 1500 hours in the Dornier. Jesse gained experience with the FADEC and Primus 2000 EFIS systems.

2008Corporate Pilot
Fractional operator Avantair, Inc. hired Jesse and his brother Seth. They were the first of many Skyway pilots to eventually make a home at Avantair. In 2009, Jesse passed the captain checkride on the first attempt, however, there were no captain openings at the time. Experiences at Avantair included the Collins Pro-Line 21 EFIS system, extensive mountain flying, and international flights. Customer service was a top priority for the fractional, corporate pilots at Avantair.  Jesse flew clients that included many celebrities, politicians, and prominent media individuals.

Due to the deteriorating and frustrating customer service conditions, staffing difficulties, maintenance issues, and impending "14 days away from home" schedule changes at Avantair, Jesse decided to take a break from full time flying. He left Avantair on good terms and gained employment as a successful police dispatcher in Elm Grove, Wisconsin. Jesse also began flying with West Bend Air, Inc. again as a part time flight instructor.

Jesse turned part time West Bend Air employment into full time again.  He is currently a Part 135 PIC flying twin pistons. He also recently completed LR35 SIC training at Flight Safety in Tucson, Arizona.

Jesse completed LR35 recurrent and upgrade training with excellent reviews from instructors and the examiner at Flight Saftery in Tucson.